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Serving Vancouver Island
In service since 2004

Fully Insured & Bonded

Mick Howland KPA CTP
BCSPCA AnimalKind Accredited
Fear Free™ Certified
Professional Member of
VIATA (Vancouver Island
Animal Trainers Assocation)

Karin Howland:
Fear Free™ Certified
IAABC Assoc Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Certified Prof Pet Sitter (CPPS)
TTouch Practitioner 1

250-586-7387 (Office)

Parksville-Qualicum Beach, BC





We provide the high quality reliable service you need for the care of your home and pets. We are BCSPCA AnimalKind Accredited and Fear Free Certified. We provide service seven days per week, 24 hours a day. 

Client Login  Use this password-protected secure system to keep your information current. Add and change dates for service, add your pet photo to your pet's profile page, add notes to each day for the sitter. You can review past services and schedule future service, and view your invoice too.

"This is a good chance to let you know how exceptional your work has been. All the extras are appreciated."
     B.P. client of the Kitty Sitting services  
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Rate / Visit

Home Check  Contact us for an estimate
Pet Check  Contact us for an estimate
Vacation Care for Cats * Rates start at $20
Mid-day or Mid-shift Break $20
Mid-Day or Mid-shift Break w/Walk $20
New Puppy Support  $20
Vacation Care for Dogs  See below
Extra TLC Pet Care Contact us for an estimate
Dog Training (see options & some rates below) Contact us for an estimate
Help with Pets Contact us for an estimate
Overnight/Live-in Pet Care Contact us for an estimate
Pickup & Delivery of Supplies Contact us for an estimate
. .

* An extra charge may apply for multiple pets and care required, but as each situation is different, please contact us for an estimate.

Rates may vary by area but that depends on the service being provided and the distance to travel. Contact us for the estimate.

All rates are subject to 5% GST.

We accept credit cards but if you prefer PayPal, use the link below. If you wish to use another method, we will process VI, MC & AE. We also accept e-transfers.

Pay your bill online with PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this option.

Along with pet care when you are away, you can rest assured that your home is being given the lived-in look. The following are always included free in our pet-care services:  bringing in the mail, altering blinds and lights, checking windows and doors, watering indoor and outdoor potted plants (some limits may apply), and other safety and security measures as discussed with you. 

A no-commitment get-acquainted interview will be arranged to allow you to meet us and for us to meet your pet
This interview is approximately 30 minutes long. 

Home Check:  

We provide a general home security check, bring in the mail, alternate blinds and lights, water your plants inside and outside, put out the garbage and recycling, and turn on/off radio or TV, and give your home the "lived-in" look.  We will also read the water meter and call it in, forward mail if required, wait for service providers or make arrangements for them, check that the sump pump is working, etc. We will provide regular updates to you.  This service is automatically included free with most pet services. We are insured & bonded.

Note:  Our focus and priority is on pets and pet-related services. For the summer, we suggest that you make arrangements to have your lawn mowed. For example, a lawn service specializes in that business and they have their own equipment. Your own equipment is never used and never damaged!  Their prices are reasonable and they do an impressive job.   


Pet Check:

The Pet Check is for cage animals such as guinea pigs, birds and other small animals. We refill the water and food dishes and ensure the pet is doing well.

For birds, we replace the paper, wipe down perches, provide fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh seed.


Vacation Care for Cats - the Kitty Visit:   

We spend quality time with the pet providing lots of TLC and interactive play.  In addition, this visit includes feeding, washing and refilling the water dish, scooping the litter at each visit, brushing, and providing a head-to-tail check to ensure kitty is okay. We will also wash out the litter box(es) and replace the litter as required. 

* The rate for Vacation Care for Cats is based on time and distance to travel.

Vacation Care for Cats is available for Parksville - Qualicum Beach and adjoining areas, and the Nanaimo area. Add $5/visit for the Nanaimo area.


Mid-day or Mid-shift Breaks:

Mid-day Breaks are M-F, 11 am to 2 pm
Mid-shift Breaks are based on your schedule

The Quick Break is geared for pets that need to be checked or need to be exercised in the yard. Water and food dishes are refilled. No charge for extra dogs as long as they are from the same household. The Quick Break is offered M-F in the Mid-day timeframe and in the Parksville-Qualicum Beach/Coombs & Errington areas only.

Mid-day Break is for pets that need to be let out during the day and are to be exercised in the yard. The regular mid-day break is 20-30 minutes is offered between 11 am and 2 pm. Water and food dishes are refilled.
Break with a walk: This visit is a longer visit than the Quick Break and includes a 15-20 minute walk. This service is ideal for dogs that need that extra outdoor break with exercise during the day. Afterwards we refill the water dish, give a treat, and ensure your dog is comfortable for the rest of the afternoon. Visit length is based on the pet's needs. $3 for each additional dog being walked at the same time for the Parksville-Qualicum Beach/Coombs & Errington areas.

Break with a longer walk: We ensure your dog has a great workout and fun. So while you are at work or busy elsewhere, your dog will have an opportunity to get outside for a break and stretch their legs with a walk around the neighbourhood or park. We adjust the exercise to the age, size and health of the pet. After the walk we wash and refill the water dish and leave your pet with their favorite treat. Walks are provided by an experienced dog handler. 

Warning! This service may be addictive to your dog. Clients report that their dogs start looking out the window about an hour before our arrival.
 We use only gentle techniques and positive reinforcement in dog handling. We work with your dog and watch body language in order to prevent problems. 

We will include more than one dog from the same household, however when more than one is walked, they should be leash trained and used to walking together. We are experienced in handling large dogs and we use only gentle techniques in handling.  Note:  For their safety all dogs are walked on-leash.


New Puppy Support:  

Puppies need regular breaks and plenty of one-on-one attention. If you work during the day, this visit may be just what your puppy needs. We will assist with the house training of your new puppy by keeping them on a regular schedule, give them their extra meals and water, and engage them in some exercise and play. 

It is recommended that puppies not be walked until after their second set of shots, and even then, caution is advised until the third set is received.  

Puppies are usually not walked for an extended period. They benefit more from play and short bursts of activity rather than prolonged walks. Their bodies are changing and developing, and for some breeds extended walking may not be suitable for the first year or even longer.

Generally the puppy visit is 20-30 minutes and the rate is $20 plus GST. Add $5 for the Nanoose area.


Vacation Care for Dogs:   

For those times when you are away for a day, weekend or longer, this service includes all the basics that your dog needs including quality time with lots of love and attention.  We provide two to three unhurried visits a day with each visit including exercise, play time and time for feeding and refilling the water dish.  It will always include plenty of one-on-one to keep your dog happy. A snout-to-tail check is included. 

We also provide this service for puppies and it works very well. By confining the pup to a smaller area, rather than crating, we found that the pups are very comfortable. With longer visits of about an hour, three times a day, a regular schedule is adopted. The occasional "accident" does occur, but if the pup is in an area where the floor can be washed easily, it isn't a concern and is quickly cleaned up. This type of schedule provides an opportunity to train a pup as well.

The routine:  Pups and older dogs receive the same type of routine. Upon arrival, they receive exercise outdoors and then back indoors for feeding, if required. We will also clean up, provide fresh water, and then head back outdoors. A final outdoor break is done just before departure so that your dog will be comfortable until the next visit.

Rates may vary by area but that depends on the duties being provided, and the distance to travel.

This service is only provided to the Parksville-Qualicum Beach, Coombs, Errington and Nanoose areas, however, Overnight Care is provided to a larger area including Nanaimo.


Extra TLC Pet Care:

TLC Pet Care is for the pets that need that extra bit of attention. We ensure that they are doing well and receiving the attention that they need.


Dog Training:

"It is my pleasure to recommend Mick Howland to you. Mick is a dedicated dog trainer/handler and in my experience, the welfare of the animal in his care is his first and foremost priority. He is constantly researching and training to "hone his craft" and since I have known him, has attended numerous internal and external training sessions and conferences, and has volunteered at rescues and shelters, to ensure he is up-to-date in all aspects of positive dog training and behavior." Susan Flewelling, Winnipeg, MB

Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient and least time-consuming techniques using the most pet-friendly techniques. We work with you and your pet in either single-visit sessions or in packages. We offer two types of in-your-home training: Consultations and Day Training. We will either work only with you (consultations) or work hands-on with your dog (day training). We may use various techniques including clickers, Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), etc. We are positive trainers and work at changing the cause of the behavior rather than only the behavior.

Behavior Consultation pricing depends on duration and skills being worked on. However, the rate is generally $80 per session or $225 for a package of three sessions ($75 per session). We work with you and your dog for 60 minutes per session. A distance charge may apply to this service.

Behavior Consultations may include:

Pet Dog Manners - Basic training to help your dog understand what you want of him. This includes Impulse Control, basic cues, walking on leash and working at preventing future problems.
Really Reliable Recall
- We will help you perfect the recall so your dog comes when you call. This will include the emergency recall as well.
Problem Solving
- We will help you address the behaviour that is not working for you and your dog.

Day Training - Let us do the training for you. Day Training a recognized form of dog training where the trainer does the training. After the initial consultation and assessment we come into your home and work with your dog while you are at work (we are insured & bonded). We work on a wide variety of issues such as puppy training, or specific issues such as impulse control, walking on leash, leash reactivity, house manners, recall, or problem solving of other issues. Sessions are usually offered in multiple sessions per week with your dog, and then a session with you to transfer the skills learned that week.

We use force-free and positive motivational training techniques.

Tellington TTouch - You have the option of requesting TTouch only, however as an alternative method, BC Veterinary Assoc requires that TTouch be practiced under the supervision of a veterinarian.

All rates are subject to 5% GST.

Dog training is offered from Campbell River to Duncan. A distance charge may apply.

We are a facility-free mobile service providing training and behaviour consultations in your home. We come to you. Our service is designed to assist you and your pets in your own environment. Our insurance & bonding is specifically for these private sessions.


Live-in Pet Care - We stay in your home for those times when you don't want your pets to be home alone at night (9 pm to ~ 8 am).

Overnight & return visits during the day: Contact us for an estimate.

As each situation is different, the rate depends on the number of pets, requirements, distance to travel, etc. Please contact us for an estimate.


Plant & House Sitting - Never worry about your plants and garden again. We water potted plants and gardens, refill bird feeders, do a home-check, bring in the mail, alternate lights and ensure that all is well.


Garden - Plant - Tree Watering & Home Check - You've planted new trees, your garden needs watering, and you need to go on vacation. We'll take care of your plants.


Pickup and Delivery of Supplies - We will pick up pet food, kitty litter or other supplies and deliver them to your home. When supplies need to be picked up as a part of pet sitting, a $10 charge plus the cost of the supplies will be added to the bill. We will also pick up supplies for pets that are not in our care. Contact us for an estimate.


Help with Pets - This service is for those who are recovering from surgery, are elderly, have a bad back, are pregnant or for any other reason are unable to exercise the pets, maintain the litter boxes, pick up pet supplies, or care for them in general. We've been helping seniors for years with their pets.


Key Pick up/Drop off - If an extra visit is required to pick up the key (other than the initial interview), there will be a small charge each time this service is required.


Our rates are subject to change without notice.  However our clients always receive the best rate.

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