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Serving Vancouver Island
In service since 2004

Fully Insured & Bonded

Mick Howland KPA CTP
BCSPCA AnimalKind Accredited
Fear Free™ Certified
Professional Member of
VIATA (Vancouver Island
Animal Trainers Assocation)

Karin Howland:
Fear Free™ Certified
IAABC Assoc Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Certified Prof Pet Sitter (CPPS)
TTouch Practitioner 1

250-586-7387 (Office)

Parksville-Qualicum Beach, BC




Qualifications including Training, Certification and Memberships:
We regularly participate in webinars, seminars, workshops and conferences.
Clicker Expo, January 2017 Portland, OR, Karin and Mick attended this three-day conference. We attended many sessions which included speakers and/or labs with Susan Friedman PhD, Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Emma Parsons, Ken Ramirez, Michelle Pouliot, Sarah Owings, Hannah Branigan, and many others.
Advanced TTouch Training for Dogs, July 2016, Vernon, BC, Karin participated in this two-day workshop.
How to Work Aggression Cases A-Z with Michael Shikashio, May 2016
Mick participated in five weekly sessions.
Cat Behavior and Training, Karin is currently completing this certificate course.


The Behaviour of Dogs: Through the Dog's Eyes
Nov 2014, Mick attended a two-day seminar in Columbia, MO. This was put on by TEAM. The seminar was The Behaviour of Dogs: Through the Dog's Eyes which included prevention of behaviour problems, behaviour modification tools and techniques, and collaborating with various pet professionals regarding dog behaviour.
Pet Nutrition and Diet Nov 2014, Karin completed the Pet Nutrition and Diet continuing ed course through ABC. This course focused on canine and feline diets.
Feline Development and Communication

Karin participated in the webinar Feline Development which was hosted by TEAM's Debbie Martin, LVT, CPDT-KA, KPA CTTP, VTS (Behaviour)
KPA Professional Dog Trainer
Mick is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy. He is a KPA CTP and brings advanced level knowledge to working with behavior and training.


Certificate in Canine Behavior Science and Technology (Cert.CBST)
Karin completed this certificate in 2012-2013: Courses included Principles of Behavior 104, Animal Training Technology 105, Domestic Dog Behavior 103.
This program, through Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) is an academically advanced, comprehensive science-based curriculum. It is not a cursory, basic or fad-based program.


Clicker Expo, San Francisco, CA - January 2013 - We attended sessions lead by Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, Karen Pryor, Kay Laurence and other presenters
Tellington Touch for Companion Animals: Apr 2013, Oct 2012, Apr 2012, Feb 2012, Nov 2011, July 2011 Six-day Workshops at the Calgary Humane Society in Calgary, Bloomington, MN, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT. Bodywork and groundwork for body awareness and stress reduction in pets. TTouch is a gentle approach for influencing behavior, health and performance with bodywork, body wraps, and balanced movement exercises. TTouch can easily be used in conjunction with other non-invasive, reward-based methods and behavioral modification, thus enhancing and accelerating treatment.
From shelter to new home: introduction of cats in transition, July 2011 Course description: When a cat comes from the shelter it's not uncommon for the family to expect kitty to immediately recognize his good fortune and fit right into the family. Sadly, many shelter cats have emotional issues due to the initial reason for the relinquishment or abandonment. These issues must be addressed in the new home. This presentation will help the animal professional to guide owners through the process of bringing a shelter cat into the home, setting up a sanctuary room, bonding issues, and introduction to family and other pets.
It Takes Two: Successful Cat and Dog Interactions, APDT Webinar, June 2011
Introducing pets and ensuring they are able to live peacefully together.
Two Behavior Problems: Socialization Issues and Possession
, Trish King, Raising Canine, Jan 2011 Two related problems – proper socialization and resource guarding. If early socialization is done properly, we can avoid problems such as resource guarding.
Puppy Socialization the Right Way - Grisha Stewart, Raising Canine, Feb 2011
Developmental periods, pitfalls to avoid
Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Conference, October 2010
Attended the Feisty Fido's workshop, K9 Nose Work seminar, Advanced Lure Reward Training, and other seminars.
Fear and Conflict telecourse with Trish King, September 2010
Conflicted emotions in dogs and modifying their behavior.
Raising Canine's Learning Theory Series Telecourses, August 2010
Concepts most beneficial to Animal Behaviour Consultants (12 hours)
Session 1: Science, Language, Nature vs Nurture, the Humane Hierarchy
Session 2: Functional Assessment, the Stages of Learning
Session 3: Respondent Learning: Overshadowing, Blocking, Counter Conditioning & Desensitization
Session 4: Operant Learning: the Quadrant, Shaping
Session 5: Operant Learning Continued - review
Session 6: Shaping, Extinction (respondent and operant), Primary & Secondary Reinforcers, Shaping, Punishment and potential fallout
Session 7: Reinforcement Schedules, Practical Applications, ie. desensitization, BAT, CAT, etc.
Session 8
: Reinforcement Schedules Shaping
ABC Certified Dog Trainer, August 2010  
Karin graduated from Animal Behaviour College's dog trainer educational program. This was a comprehensive program taken over a period of 10 months with textbook study, hands-on experience in training dogs in a group class environment at the Winnipeg Humane Society, and volunteering with rescue shelters - Deebo Dogs in Selkirk, MB and Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter.
Attended Pet Sitters International's Regional Conference in Atlanta, GA, September 2009
This was a great experience. Enjoyed the workshops and meeting so many others in the industry. The day included Pet Emergencies led by a DVM, a session on Legal Considerations for Small Business Owners led by an attorney, and a session on Business Branding led by the 2008 PSI pet sitter of the year.
Accredited Pet Sitter, 2005 & 2010 & 2013 This accreditation requires renewing every three years and CEU's are required in order to be recertified.
The educational program includes animal behavior, health and nutrition, pet first aid, and many other topics related to pets.

To view the certificate: Pet-Sitter-Accreditation.gif
 As graduates are considered to be less of an insurance risk this certification is recognized by the insurance provider, and as a result we receive a discount on our annual premium. 
The following two accreditations are from the previous program offered through PSI.  Accredited Pet Sitting Technician and Advanced Pet Sitting Technician (program content is listed at the bottom of this page*).
Associate (clinical) member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.  We are working towards certification specializing in both canine and feline behaviour. Associate members are consultants in practice, on the path to Certified membership.

 Trained in pet first aid. Our latest training was St. John Ambulance's Pet First Aid course, October 18, 2008. We also took Pet Tech, Inc's, 8-hour Pet Saver workshop in July 2006.  We carry a first aid kit and have pet crates for transportation of pets. We also carry a cell phone for safety and client convenience.
Member of Pet Sitters International (PSI), International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) and a number of other professional business organizations. 
. Prepared and have an emergency plan in place.
  Fully insured and bonded in providing pet services.
  Certificate in Project Management, 2003 - Red River College
  Continuing with additional training - always learning more.
  Licensed with the City of Parksville.


* We also completed the earlier programs from PSI prior to 2005. The syllabus follows.

Accredited Pet Sitting Technician program content: 

- Quality Standards for Excellence
- Emergency/Disaster Planning guideline
- Animal Handling & Restraint
Proper handling and restraint techniques for various types of animals without causing undue discomfort or harm, including equipment used.
- Animal First Aid 
Symptoms of the most common animal medical emergencies, administering CPR
- Bandages & Dressings 
Basic techniques for bandaging, dressing and re-dressing wounds
- Animal Lore and Mythology 
- Animal Behaviour and Intelligence
Animal psychology, stimulus-reinforcement theory, training techniques, socialization, behaviour modification
- Care of Older Animals
Includes nutrition and exercise, effects of aging on body systems
- Sanitation
Importance of sanitation, creating a sanitary environment for animals
- Guide to Medical Terminology
Medical vocabulary for the veterinary office
- Fleas and Their Control
- Canine and Feline Anatomy
- Dog Breeds, Cat Breeds, Horse Breeds
- All About Horses
- A training audio tape on pet sitting basics
** Advanced Pet Sitting Technician program content:
- Nutrition
- Advanced Wound Care
- Animal Diseases
- Maternal Care
- Newborn Care


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